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In addition to the following, Beautiful Plains School Division has developed 9 main belief statements.  Click on Goals and Objectives to view. 

The main goal of education is the development of human potential.

In order to achieve this goal the Division will strive to develop philosophy, organizational framework, and policies which will strive to promote a positive growth climate for all the people in the school system and which will stimulate the learner and the learning process to the greatest extent possible.

Divisional Belief Statements

Assessment Belief Statements

Specifically the Division will attempt to:

  1. provide an education for each student that is appropriate for the individual abilities of that student;
  2. promote in each student the respect for self and others;
  3. encourage every employee to constantly, improve his or her skills and abilities; and
  4. provide effective leadership, capable staff, and appropriate resources in each school in order that the goals and objectives of the school division can be achieved
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