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Workshop Files

Audio Storytelling

  1. Audacity - Easy to use free audio editing software. Download here.
  2. Audacity installation instructions (Word)
  3. Audacity Tutorial - Online
  4. Using Audio in the Curriculum (Word)
  5. Sample Audio Scripts - Radio Ads (Word)
  6. Radio Ad Examples
  7. Listening and Speaking in ELA (Word)
  8. Sound Dogs Sound Effects Library
  9. Freeplay Music -Royalty free music
  10. Soundzabounds - Royalty free music for schools
  11. Freesound.org - Need to have a free account to download sound effects
  12. Primary Listening and Speaking Rubric (.pdf)
  13. Public Speaking Rubric (.pdf)
  14. Speaking Rubric and Checklist (Word)
  15. Speakng Rubric (Word)
  16. Listening and Speaking in ELA Newsletter (.pdf)

Digital Pictures and Storytelling

  1. Ideas for Photography (Word)
  2. Digital Storytelling Ideas (Word) (.pdf)
  3. Digital Storytelling Links (Word) (.pdf)
  4. Photofiltre - Free image editing software. Download here.
  5. Photofiltre Tips (Word)
  6. Digital Picture Notes (Word)
  7. Taking Better Pictures (.ppt)

Digital Video and Storytelling

  1. Making Movies with MovieMaker (Word)
  2. Video in the Curriculum (Word)
  3. The Digital Video Workflow (Word)
  4. General Story Rules (Word)
  5. Online Video Resources (Word)
  6. Tips for Making your Movie (Word)
    • Shoot your film in order as much as possible. (time saving)
    • Shoot the same scene from multiple angles. For example someone approaching and opening the door from the outside, then the inside.
    • Keep the camera steady. Use a tripod or steady against something.
    • Record 5 seconds before and after the shot you want.
    • Take a setup shot to establish the setting. For example if you are taking an indoor shot of a school, first show the audience an exterior shot so we know it is a school. You can show more than one shot, like the school, then the flag.
    • Shoot very short segments and plan and rehearse your audio.
  7. Camera Shots (Word)
  8. Capturing Video with MovieMaker (Word)
  9. Using Digital Still Cameras for Video (Word)
  10. Video Resources Online (Word)
  11. Creating a Storyboard
  12. Good Storyboard Example
  13. Writing Only Storyboard (.pdf)

iMovie for the iPad

  1. Guide from John Larkin (.pdf)

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorials

  1. Tutorial from Microsoft – Online videos broken into segments
  2. Step by Step Instructions on various aspects of Windows Live Movie Maker

Storytelling with Comics

  1. Comic Life is now available for Windows. (originally Mac only) Download trial version here. Good for 40 days, then you must buy.
  2. Hatchet Sample (.pdf)
  3. Goldilocks Sample (.pdf)
  4. Ideas for Comic Life (.pdf)
  5. Great Moments in the 20th Century (.pdf)
  6. Ideas for Comic Life (Word)

Online Scrapbooking

  1. Sample 1 - Autobiography
  2. Sample 2 - Geography of Canada
  3. Sample 3 - Path of blood in the body
  4. Ideas for Scrapbooking
  5. Mixbook - create and share an online book. Order print copies. Sign up for free account.
  6. Blurb.com - Download software to create a photo and text book. Order print copies.
  7. Picaboo - Download software to create a book. Order print copies.
  8. Photoinpress.ca - Download software to make your own photobook and order inexpensive copies
  9. Scrapblog - Online scrapbook you can share or send to your friends.
  10. escrapbooking - E stands for educational, experiential, engaging, expressions. Find all the ways to engage students with different kinds of electronic scrapbooking tools.
  11. Shutterfly - Create books, cards, calendars, etc.
  12. My Publisher - Download software then creat books and other items.
  13. Smilebox - Online scrapbook you can blog, email or print.
Perspective Drawing with Publisher or Word
  1. Perspective, 1 and 2 point

Other Drawings

  1. Line Art Portrait
  2. Blue Bowl on Table
  3. Canadian Flag - using the Freeform tool in Word
Pop Art Links
  1. Photofiltre - free download
  2. Pop Art Portrait Ideas and Resources
  3. Warhol Prints using Photofiltre Instuctions (.pdf) John Lennon example
  4. Warhol soup can outlines (word)
  5. Warholizer - Create pop art in the style of Andy Warhol
  6. Hockneyizer - Create art in the style of David Hockney
  7. Roy Lichtenstein technique - Photoshop Tutorial on converting photo to Ben-day dots.Advanced.
  8. Collage Machine - Make collages in the style of Richard Hamilton

Drawing with Inkscape

  1. Inkscape Download - Open source software
  2. Batman logo - Using the Bezier tool. Save this file on your computer then open in Inkscape and draw over with the bezier tool to create a scalable drawing that will not pixelate.
Creative online tools
  1. Photo Op - Need Shockwave Player 11 installed
  2. Still Life Composer - Shockwave 11
  3. Jungle - Art inspired by the French painter Henri Rousseau
  4. Wallovers - Learn about pattern and repetition
  5. Framer - Frame your digital artwork.
  6. Pointillism - Online activity where you paint with dots.(Need Shockwave)
  7. Mr. Picassohead - Use face parts to create a Picasso-like painting.
  8. Jackson Pollock.org - Drip paint like Jackson Pollock. Left click to change color.
  9. Artpad - Paint with different size brushes online.
Lesson Plans and other resources
  1. Incredible Art Stuff - Links to online art games, lesson plans, and art activities.
  2. Art Principles and Elements from a Lifetime of Color
  3. Artsology - Online art games.
  4. Inside Art - Art history game, especially good for studying Van Gogh.
  5. Artyfactory - Art Lessons
  6. Artists Toolkit - This is a very cool interactive site, gives visual examples of both the elements and the art principles but also has some nifty interactive areas as well.
  7. Elements of Art and More - Powerpoint presentations ready to use or

Vincent Van Gogh


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